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Nathalie Udo

Nathalie Udo

Nathalie has provided coaching, training, and consulting services for companies around the world. By balancing process, agility, and creativity—combined with honesty and infectious enthusiasm—she helps her clients create lasting and positive changes in their organizations.

Nathalie has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions and has co-authored three books, including Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future. As her work and her writing make clear, she has a passion for igniting change by raising the social consciousness of individuals and corporations.

Organizations that want to translate a business strategy into execution or implement process improvement that generates meaningful results will benefit from Nathalie’s expertise. She focuses on providing the right mixture of executive coaching, project management, cross-cultural communication, and leadership for each organization. She takes strong ownership and accountability for deliverables and drives positive results, helping teams achieve goals they thought were impossible. This singular dedication has won high praise from previous clients. Just one example: "What's the secret to Nathalie’s ability to repeatedly deliver results? A rare combination of sharp intellect, exceptional human skills, and the discipline to do what's required - and to get others to follow suit." (See the Testimonials for more.)

For Nathalie's professional credentials and publications see her LinkedIn profile.

Driven by her passion for the oceans and planet, Nathalie volunteers for several organizations. Currently, she serves as vice chair of the Marine Conservation Institute Board of Directors, she is a strategic advisor to BladeRunner and to Heirs To Our Oceans. In her spare time Nathalie is an active scuba diver, skier and motorcyclist.

What people say?

I was fortunate to have Nathalie as my coach in 2015 and was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and technique. I was in the process of transferring from an Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff at Linkedin. Nathalie was very honest with me about my shortcomings and the challenges that would come with this change--I appreciate Nathalie's honesty and open communication style. I always felt like Nathalie was on my team and she helped to build my confidence tremendously. I definitely am a different professional (in so many positive ways) after working with Nathalie. I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Rosi Bodnar, Chief of Staff, LinkedIn

What people say

Murex participants were delighted by the outstanding positive energy distilled by Nathalie during the 5-day agile project management workshops. Her ability to deliver best practices messages through interactivity, transformed sessions into an unforgettable learning experience.

Michel Ghanem, Founder Drivetask, co-trainer for Murex.

What people say?

Nathalie Udo has been an instrumental talent for the success of our organization, not only as our vice chair and board member but as the fearless leader of our development committee. Her professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm, organizational skills, and strategic development planning are beyond everything we could possibly imagine to find in one person. Her expertise particularly shone in a partner summit that we held last year. Nathalie prepared the facilitation, moderation, and report for the summit in an impeccable format and in record time. I highly endorse and recommend Nathalie for any strategic development, coaching, planning, and project management endeavors. We feel anyone would be tremendously lucky to benefit from her services and skills.

Caro Dratva, Development Director, Marine Conservation Institute

What people say?

Nathalie is a fantastic and proven program director. She is knowledgeable of the principles of program management and has that special sense to know where to look for issues and will dig until she uncovers the source of the problem. She has a calm approach to problems and she is a driver for results. She frames issues and risks so executives can make clear decisions. And to top it off: she is a pleasure to work with!

Sheila Rankin, VP National Medicare Administration, Kaiser Permanente

What people say?

Nathalie brings focus and clarity to a team, a project, an organization. She is experienced and skilled at working with a team at any level and helping them develop a strategy and a plan for focusing on the right priorities and moving forward toward both short-term delivery and long-term strategy. I have worked with her in several settings and multiple companies and she has always been successful at bringing focus and strategy and enabling a team to execute.

Paul Iverson, VP of Project Delivery, ProductOps

What people say?

Nathalie is an exceptionally talented person whose expertise in all levels of project management (Portfolio, Program and Project) allows her to effectively deliver even on troubled projects. As a consultant, her strong facilitation and leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to any company requiring training, methodology or project rescue.

Stacey Lyons, Senior Director PMO, Move Inc.

What people say?

I've partnered with Nathalie on complex consulting projects for years, and I know from personal experience how extremely effective she is in a wide range of professional environments. While her ability to create viable strategies and plans is impressive, what's most valuable to our clients is her skillful group facilitation amidst even difficult circumstances as well as her track record of delivering results without fail. What's the secret to her ability to repeatedly deliver results? A rare combination of sharp intellect, exceptional human skills, and the discipline to do what's required - and to get others to follow suit.

Kimberly Wiefling, Silicon Valley Alliances, Inc. & Wiefling Consulting, Inc.

What people say?

Nathalie provided expert leadership at ITHAKA for approximately two years. She was the overall project manager for a massive effort to rebuild the JSTOR technological infrastructure from the bottom up, the most significant project our organization has ever undertaken. This effort required disciplined coordination, oversight, and effective communication during a transition from a waterfall to agile product development methodology. When nearing the absolute deadline for switching off the existing infrastructure, hours were long and tempers were short, but Nathalie’s steady leadership was invaluable to completing the project on time, which we successfully did. Nathalie’s value to the project can be defined very simply — we would not have completed it without her. If you have an important project and want to ensure that it gets completed successfully with a limited amount of drama, hire Nathalie.

Kevin Guthrie, CEO, ITHAKA

Previous Client Experience


Business Strategy

The top reasons businesses fail are unclear goals, unclear priorities, and unclear communication! Nathalie Udo brings a unique perspective to your business, functioning as a strategist, organizational problem solver, and executive coach. She has helped many companies create and execute a solid business strategy that takes their organization to the next level. [click for more...]

Good strategy begins with setting clear goals and priorities, each one assessed in terms of its business value and the “so what” test. Key, however, is designing the entire path, from vision to execution. Nathalie helps you translate goals and objectives into well-defined projects and plans, taking into account feasibility, acceptability, and sustainability to ensure long-term success.

After defining the business strategy, many consulting firms disengage. Nathalie stays by your side to help you translate your new strategy into reality. Using a diverse toolset, Nathalie enables you to decide which projects to execute, and which ones to stop. Her focus on clear communication and on transforming your culture to fit the strategy will leave your organization well equipped to respond to change and achieve your goals.

Corporate Sustainability

The most forward-thinking corporations understand the critical need to become sustainable. Even small businesses can be impacted by global events that disrupt supply chains or change the business landscape. Long-term thinking allows organizations to guard against those disruptions and create hope for a bright and wholly sustainable future while also providing value and profit, and reducing risk. [click for more...]

In addition to the positive impact on the local, regional, and global community, sustainable business practices lead to profits as well. Sustainability drives customer attraction and loyalty, which in turn lead to higher profitability and value, as well as increased goodwill.

To build a successful, and sustainable company with a solid reputation, you must weave sustainability into the business strategy and day-to-day decision-making. Whether you have already begun sustainability efforts, or are just trying to decide where to focus your attention, Nathalie Udo can help your organization change your strategy, integrating the elements of economics, social responsibility, environmental sensibility, and ethical behavior. She helps you create a path for a company-wide transformation, instilling a sustainable mindset in your corporate culture and setting the agenda for positive change.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is not easy. There are many demands and tough decisions to make, and your effectiveness as a leader is directly tied to your ability to lead and motivate your team. Do you wish someone could help guide you through the maze? Do you have team members you want to grow to the next level? Or are you personally looking for your next challenge? Nathalie Udo is committed to ensuring you get the results you want in your career, your organization, and your life. [click for more...]

Nathalie coaches executives, teams and leaders like you by helping you quickly pinpoint your best qualities and behaviors and build on those successes. With that grounding, she can also help you identify and correct habits that are holding you back or impacting your business, so you can perform at your best and reach your objectives.

Acting as your coach and thinking partner, Nathalie Udo will challenge you, provoke you, and ignite the passion you need to transform your strategy into reality. The same enthusiasm and sense of adventure that prompts her love of extreme sports powers your client experience. With her no-nonsense approach, drive, and intensity you will reach goals you previously thought were impossible.

About the Book

Organizational Survival provides a rational, research-based approach to creating a durable business strategy designed to meet the needs of today's customers and position an organization to outperform while positively impacting society, the environment, community, and the bottom line.

Balestrero and Udo present an airtight argument for sustainability being essential to any business strategy going forward. Illustrating how successful companies around the globe are already deliberately changing--including Coca-Cola, BMW, BASF, and Walmart--the authors take you step-by-step through the processes of developing a new strategy, or altering an existing one, to integrate sustainability into core business goals.

Organizational Survival provides the tools needed to apply risk management, scenario planning, and due diligence to sustainability initiatives via their innovative SEEE model framework--developed in conjunction with International Institute for Learning, Inc.--which encompasses the social, economic, environmental, and ethical factors of strategic change.'

"Far more than a compelling case for change, Organizational Survival is a step-by-step road map for how to transform your corporate destiny and build a sustainable future for all."

- Simon Mainwaring, author of the New York Times bestseller We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World

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